Check here for up to date information about our upcoming Partnership General Meeting, including PGM daily schedule, important reminders and logistical updates.


Updated 2020/08/11: We have not yet been able organize an in-person Partnership General Meeting due to the pandemic.  Instead we’ve shifted instead to planning virtual demos/tutorials on topics central to our Partnership, which should be of interest to many of our individual participants.  Below is a list of possible Tutorial topics.  As Workshops are planned, this page will be updated with date and time details.

Workshops & Tutorials
  1.  Tutorial on keyboards, spell-checkers and auto-completion/auto-correction for Indigenous languages – Held on June 8th & 9th, 2020, our Partnership collaborator Sjur Moshagen graciously gave a demonstration of spell-checkers and keyboards which are currently in development for desktop and mobile devices. 
  2. (Tentative Idea) Speech Synthesis – (Date to be determined) 
  3. (Tentative Idea) Tutorial on Speech Recognition using Persephone – (Date to be determined)
  4. (Tentative Idea) Learning a skeleton model for analysis data – (Date to be determined)

If you have any ideas for other workshop/tutorial topics that would be of interest to our Partnership, contact us at our partnership email:


Even though we were not able to hold our PGM as originally conceived, we will still plan to host a networking event (date to be determined) once the dust has settled. 


Have some suggestions/requests for the partnership?  Shoot us an email, we will do our best to accommodate what we can, but due to the short schedule of the PGM and the matters that need to be discussed, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.