Open-source code base

All our software applications are based on open-source code developed by ourselves, our Partners, and others, accessible on Github: – most important of these is morphodict, our platform for morphologically intelligent/enhanced on-line dictionaries:, which is inspired on our Norwegian Giellatekno and Divvun partners’ Neahttadigisanit dictionaries within their GiellaLT infrastructure.

nêhiyawêwin (Plains Cree)

Partnership tools for Plains Cree are being developed together with our technological partners, the Giellatekno and Divvun teams at the University of Tromsø. Please check out these tools via the links below:


An intelligent Plains Cree — English dictionary combining the lexical content of Dr. Arok Wolvengrey’s dictionary nêhiyawêwin : itwêwina / Cree : Words , the Maskwacîs Cree Dictionary, and our computational FST model, allowing you to search with inflected forms of Plains Cree Words, as well as generate word form declensions/conjugations (paradigms). In addition, itwêwina contains an ever-increasing amount of Cree words spoken by multiple first-language Cree speakers from Maskwacîs, Alberta, collected in the joint community-university project: nêhiyawi-pîkiskwêwina maskwacîsihk – Spoken Dictionary of Maskwacîs Cree.

Try nâpesis and you can search for genuine usage contexts using a lemma from our current Indigenous Language Corpus (Korp). Access to the Ahenakew-Wolfart texts requires an individual access code, which can be received upon a well-motivated request to Antti Arppe ( Also, check out the itwêwina: guided tour via screenshots and Korp: guided tour via screenshots.


A guided tour for the demo version of nêhiyawêtân, an Intelligent Computer-Aided Language Learning (ICALL) application for Plains Cree can be accessed here.


A preliminary guided tour of a spell-checker for Plains Cree (to be available on MacOS 10.10 or later) can be accessed here.

Tsuut’ina – Gunáhà

Gunáhà (Under development pending completion of itwêwina)

A guided tour for the demo version of Gunáhà, an Intelligent Dictionary for Tsuut’ina (srs) can be accessed here.

Various Languages

Maskwacîs and ALTLab Speech Database

This searchable speech database contains recordings of Plains Cree (Maskwacîs, White Bear First Nation), Tsuut’ina (Tsuut’ina Nation), Nakoda (Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation, Paul First Nation, Îethka Îabi Institute), Beaver (Beaver First Nation), and synthesized Plains Cree (from Muskeg Lake Cree Nation).