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Partners that are not official partners, but are affiliated with us via one of our participants are in (parentheses).

Technological working Groups

1. Computational Modelling Methods

Members: Mans Hulden, Martha Palmer, Sjur Moshagen, Miikka Silfverberg, Trond Trosterud
Partners: UiT – University of Tromsø, University of Colorado, Boulder, 

2. CWIL Workshops

Members: Antti Arppe, Christopher Cox, Mans Hulden, Jordan Lachler, Miikka Silfverberg
 University of Alberta, Carleton University, University of Colorado, Boulder, (University of British Columbia)

3. CILLDI Training

Members: Christopher Cox, Jordan Lachler, Conor Snoek, 
Partners: University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge

4. Proofing Tools

Members: Antti Arppe, Sjur Moshagen
Partners: University of Alberta, UiT – University of Tromsø

5. Standard On-line Dictionaries

Members: Inge Genee, Marie Odile-JunkerArok Wolvengrey, Rand Valentine, Mary-Ann Corbiere
Partners: University of Lethbridge, Carleton University

6. Intelligent On-line Dictionaries 

Members: Antti Arppe, Jordan Lachler, Trond Trosterud, Eddie Santos, Arden Ogg, Jolene Poulin
Partners: University of Alberta, UiT – University of Tromsø


Members: Lene Antonsen, Jordan Lachler, Marie Odile-Junker
Partners: UiT – University of Tromsø, University of Alberta 

8. Corpus Development

Members: Antti Arppe, Christopher Cox, Jordan Lachler, Trond Trosterud
Partners: University of Alberta, Carleton University, UiT – University of Tromsø

Language Working Groups

1. Plains and Woods Cree (Algonquian)

Members: Antti Arppe, Rose Makinaw, Arden Ogg, Jean Okimâsis, Solomon Ratt, Dorothy Thunder, Wolvengrey, Andrea Custer
Partners: Maskwacîs Education Schools Commision, Cree Literacy Network

2. Eastern Cree and Innu (Algonquian)

Members: Marie Odile-Junker, Antti Arppe, Delasie Torkornoo 
Partners: Carleton University

3. Ojibwe and Odawa (Alqonquian)

Members: Antti Arppe, Mary-Ann Corbiere, Christopher Hammerly
Partners: (University of Sudbury) 

4. Blackfoot (Algonquian)

Members: Inge Genee, Conor Snoek, Natalie Weber
Partners: University of Lethbridge

5. Arapaho (Algonquian)

Members: Andy Cowell
Partners: Wind River Tribal College & Northern Arapaho Language and Culture Commission

6. Tsuut’ina (Dene)

Members: Christopher Cox, Bruce Starlight, Gary Donovan, Janelle Crane-Starlight
Partners: Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute; Tsuut’ina Language Commissioner

7. Other Dene languages (Navajo, Upper Tanana)

Members: Melvatha Chee, Christopher Cox, Mans Hulden, Jordan Lachler, Olga Lovick
Partners: (University of Saskatchewan), (University of New Mexico), University of Colorado, Boulder

8. Haida

Members: Jordan Lachler, Marianne Ignace
Partners: (Simon Fraser University) 

9. Iroquoian

Members: Anna Kazantseva, Jordan Lachler
Partners: National Research Centre of Canada

10. Nakoda (Siouan)

Members: Jordan Lachler
Partners: TBD

11. Sámi (Uralic)

Members: Trond Trosterud, Lene Antonsen, Sjur Moshagen
Partners: UiT – University of Tromsø